**What the hell?**
**I thought she was just a meme!**

my reaction to a meme with stinky cishet vibes 

Who says they're mutually exclusive?

I have just gotten a Smart TV at the same time family and friends are having a New Year's party. And I am taking advantage of that. Anyone that comes in my room can see this.
(Pakistan is my country, by the way.)

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merry christmas and muhammad ali jinnah's* birthday

*founder of pakistan, my country

This short story is quite interesting, to be fair. Imagine if we *actually* had an ice wall. I would like to see the fables and myths that people would make out of that.

Oh wait. This already is a myth.

Do you like my profile picture change that was coincidentally timed at Trans Awareness Week?

haha libcuck crying so funny and original! 

the peak of comedy /s

swastika used in a non-fascist way 

unfortunate cultural differences are unfortunate

watching owl house season 1 

what an epic way to give your guests dysphoria

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watching owl house season 1 

this is King's crown, and awesome trademark dodging guys.

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watching owl house season 1 

i also smell the message about "bE WEIRD" the reviewer i watched warned me about

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watching owl house season 1 

that was also helpful

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