loud voice reveal with potty humour 

me singing the booty scooty from teen titans go


Why are American conservatives suddenly obsessed with Goya? What even is Goya? I'm out of the loop here.

me when i see another r/coaxedintoasnafu post about "orange man bad"

oh man the r/ImagesYouCanHear cringe is still there

i was about to post an image of the pingas meme when i saw this


selfie (eye contact) 

Me when I read a random article saying dairy-free diets 'cure' Autism Spectrum Disorder

Just this single tweet made thousands of Spanish speaking celebrity stans join Mastodon. I'm both welcoming them and also kind of afraid that they will reduce the quality of the fediverse.

Sólo este simple tweet hizo que miles de acosadores de celebridades de habla hispana se unieran a Mastodon. Les doy la bienvenida y también tengo un poco de miedo de que reduzcan la calidad del fediverso.

For the new Spanish speakers of Tusky | Para los nuevos hispanohablantes de Tusky

This is what I consider cringe (questionable) 

Besides, I don't like pizza too much


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