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Good News: My mother got me a special headband for keeping my long hair in place.

Bad News: She said it was "only for boys".

my reaction to a meme with stinky cishet vibes 

Who says they're mutually exclusive?

Yeah I'm a triple-A battery.
- Agender
- Atheist
- Autistic

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TIL that Communism started when a Twitter account got banned.

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mf traded pronouns for computer specs in his bio

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I have just gotten a Smart TV at the same time family and friends are having a New Year's party. And I am taking advantage of that. Anyone that comes in my room can see this.
(Pakistan is my country, by the way.)

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Less than 55 minutes until the New Year of 2021 arrives in my country, Pakistan.

merry christmas and muhammad ali jinnah's* birthday

*founder of pakistan, my country

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New people, welcome to a place where shit is in chronological order

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Can Quora stop recommending me "dark" humour pictures jeez

Why does Void Linux have a Discord package that you have to package yourself? I use the Flatpak version and it's more convenient.

How Among Us public lobbies can be dumb 

During an emergency meeting, the crewmates were right that I was the Impostor, but for the wrong reason: because I killed somebody at admin (even though nobody has died yet, one player just disconnected before the game started).

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you, a catboy: nya nya im a kitty uwu
me, a cantboy: i have severe executive dysfunction

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Something to think about:

This meme might be true for digital piracy but for old-style swashbuckling piracy ...

I guess that is robbery, since the loot is taken by force with the aid of weapons.

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