Irrational guilt:
In the past month I've gotten started with both and ... but I've been much more engaged with my Pixelfed presence.

Apparently the Facebook mobile app (not that I'd use such a thing) can obtain your location regardless of preferences by correlating the phone accelerometer motion with other users - such as someone in the same car.

This is the level of dystopia we are at.

@BrodieOnLinux I once did a presentation, its title was:

It's easy to take for granted all the pieces that comprise the fediverse.

I'd like to take a moment to thank a few people who laid the groundwork and/or steward initiatives that benefit projects like @pixelfed and push the fediverse forward.

@cwebber - activitypub author + goblins dev

@bagder - curl developer

@mike - zap developer, nomad(ic identity & protocol wizard)

@humanetech - stewards ethical/humane initiatives

@feditips - unbiased source for topics that affect new and old users

This video summarizes Creative Commons licensing nicely:

A topic I didn't know that I didn't know about, until my first photo upload to @maze88.

Finally Facebook is not the worst privacy invasive company on earth anymore - Its now #Meta

Learning about the ...
1. If I want to follow someone on pixelfed, I can with my user - right?
2. However, if I want to *post* on , I must *join* an instance there - right?

Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

Just finished catching up and watching the replays.
What an amazing game and event - and what a performance by !

Spotted this little while walking our dogs this morning. hey, what about and ?

As a user, I expected I'd dislike less than ...but nope!

Its similarities to Linux keep teasing me, its shortcut keys slow me down, and its keyboard layout is simply inferior.

First toot!
I've been curious about for a while...
What better time to get started than with yesterday's !

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