There are 23 applications and the deadline is Dec 5th for the Jan 2020 in Bombay - open to mental health practitioners - Read more at:

dont know who wants to hear this, but my DM's are open for anyone who needs help with depression/anxiety or any other mental health challenge. Seeking support is the first step, and it takes courage to ask for help. You are not alone, and yes you matter.

#Mentalheath #therapy

Transgender Persons Moved Tribunal For Reservation In FDA/SDA Jobs At District Courts [Read Order & Petition]

transphobia violence 

The NALSA judgment safeguarded the right of self-determination of gender. This we ask for mental health community to advocate for rights to form family of choice & affirmative actions on education & livelihood for trans & nb persons. We ask for the trans bill to be sent to a select committee

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transphobia violence 

Transphobia is why we need trans & gender non-binary persons to be included as survivors of violence with a right to redressal under existing laws against sexual violence, like Sections 375, 354 etc

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Transphobia violence 

Today on which has been observed for 20 years, we remember the countless trans people who have been murdered by systemic transphobia. We are sure that the statistic is heavily underreported

transphobia violence 

Here's a link to a tweet thread we did last year against this very bill

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transphobia violence 

hy are these rights important? If we are queer affirmative, we must have provisions against & -which are systemic & structural. The lack of the right to self determination is relentless erasure & invisibilisation that is violence

Trans groups, transfeminist groups & women's groups have registered their protest. Why is the mental health community silent re: the right to self-determination of one’s gender, the right to live without discrimination.

Today is & ironically the regressive is going to be tabled in - as people & organisations working in we must join in protesting against this regressive bill & ally in solidarity for

Government of Karnataka has issued Govt Order appointing special Courts as mandated in Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (). Encourage PwDs to approach the special Court's for seeking justice, quickly. Do share this information widely.

“My daughter faced casteist and religious discrimination from her faculties.Earlier she said that her name (Muslim name) itself is a problem there”, Abdul Latheef .

These are three accused which as parent we believe to guide the students.

Please name and shame them and don't leave till we get justice.

#JusticeForFathimaLatheef #JusticeForFathima

How many more before our Govt. takes action...

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Announcing our next Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice course - Jan 2020 in Bombay - open to mental health practitioners - Read more at:

A recent study on Indian Universities published in 2015 showed that about 53.3 percent student from the group studied suffered from depression with about 13% from severe depression. That's a probability that every 1 of 2 people in academia suffers from depression!

This is the Social Justice Pride Flag. We introduced it on 7th July 2018 at the Chennai Queer LitFest

I am creating a database of queer persons in India who are available to speak about LGBTQIA+ inclusion in workplace. Our experiences are diverse and one solution will not fit everyone.
To overcome this, there is a need for diverse perspectives and ideas to come up with policies and benefits in our workplaces.

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