Eleven years ago today saw the release of probably (according to my listening history last.fm/user/Miblo/library/alb) my favourite video game soundtrack:

LIMBO by Martin Stig Andersen: limbogame.bandcamp.com/album/l

Happy Anniversary, you absolute beauty!

"When will the pandemic end?": an actual (non-exhaustive) answer 

On a systemic level:

- wastewater surveillance

- contact tracing

- accessible RATs and PCR tests

- adequate death registration and coroners services (you don't have to be medically qualified to be an investigator in my province)

- paid sick leave

- universal basic income

- accessible respirators

- building code upgrades

- vaccine equity

In case it's of interest: I'm a metalsmith and have a little Etsy shop where you can see my amulets and resin art (no resin up at the moment). I'm having a sale right now, 20% off all amulets, comes with chain. If you're within the continental US or Canada, tracked shipping is included! ;)


Current poll standings 

I'm tantalisingly close to addressing my toots "Dear Other…"

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On the new EU proposal to combat abusive litigation against journalists and human rights defenders, by Prof Borg-Barthet:

You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 EU policies, in a privacy-focused environment and with no transfer of data outside the EU.

This initiative is part of an EU pilot for supporting and using social media platforms based on open-source software.

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Hello Twitter refugees! Allow me to teach you about one of the things that makes Mastodon much chiller: the CONTENT WARNING. 

Here on Mastodon, we have a thing called a Content Warning, or a CW for short. It's a button at the bottom of the new toot box. When you hit it, it will add a new text box above the new toot box; whatever's in the main box will now be hidden behind whatever you type in the upper box, with a "SHOW MORE" button like this toot has.

We use this to hide anything we think will make our friends unhappy to read. So if you're posting about something that an American politician did that made you angry, you might give it a CW of "uspol". There's an additional subtlety that's evolved; a lot of the time we'll follow a CW with a +/- in parenthesis - "uspol (-)" would be bad news, "uspol (+)" would be good.

This lets Mastodon function as a place for more measured discussion; you can CHOOSE to engage with whatever bullshit the world is throwing at you this morning, instead of forcibly having your attempt to catch up with your friends interrupted by a million retweets of today's shitty news with a big photograph of that asshole who made that shitty news staring at you from the preview card. Not ready to deal with whatever bullshit's going on yet today? Don't click those "show more" buttons, keep scrolling, say something nice to your friends instead.

Different instances have different rules about what you MUST CW; the only requirement on my instance is politics. Check /about/more on your instance for their rules, see what they would like you to put this safety valve in front of.

🗳️ Who are we?

Hmm… I reckon our federation setup may take a bit of getting used to.

I just went through searching here for dozens of people I follow from elsewhere and only found @JayatiGhosh.

Then searched for @mikebithell even knowing his handle, but found nothing, presumably because it only searches my home instance?

Can we search across the whole federation, or are we supposed to go around doing our searches on each instance?

It's the evening of 25th April 2022, I've only been on Mastodon for a few minutes, and it already feels like a deep breath of fresh air! Especially with this covenant: mastodon.social/@Gargron/10817

Honestly, though, as someone who's recently picked back up Dark Souls 2 (a game in which you can join covenants) I totally read "Mastodon Server Covenant" as a Dark Souls reference at first.


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