Hmm… I reckon our federation setup may take a bit of getting used to.

I just went through searching here for dozens of people I follow from elsewhere and only found @JayatiGhosh.

Then searched for @mikebithell even knowing his handle, but found nothing, presumably because it only searches my home instance?

Can we search across the whole federation, or are we supposed to go around doing our searches on each instance?

@miblo @JayatiGhosh @mikebithell
Searches are across federated instances. I just confirmed. It might take sometime to replicate new user information federated across instances though.


@gopal Aha, cheers! Yeah, I now see people from other instances showing up in search results. Oddly, though, if I search "gopal" or "@gopal", you're not one of them!

By the way, I took the "15 results" screenshot after clicking "Load more". Below those 4 people are 11 hashtags.

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@miblo hmm.. I have no idea.. with any other searches are you able to find people in this instance at all ( possibly a federation issue? same search on my instance gave 5 names, including mine.
we'll ask around..
@Gargron can you throw some light on how does the search work across federated instances? any rules?

@gopal @Gargron I am, yeah. Searching my own name "Matt" yielded some guys on And also, searching for you now finds you! 17 results. The original 15, plus you under "People" and my toot under "Posts".

Yeah, it'd be great to get @Gargron's insight on this. Maybe confirmation that "instance awareness" happens ( and how it works?

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