Hmm… I reckon our federation setup may take a bit of getting used to.

I just went through searching here for dozens of people I follow from elsewhere and only found @JayatiGhosh.

Then searched for @mikebithell even knowing his handle, but found nothing, presumably because it only searches my home instance?

Can we search across the whole federation, or are we supposed to go around doing our searches on each instance?

@miblo @JayatiGhosh @mikebithell You can search the federation if you use search terms on the search field. If you are looking for Twitter handles to follow on your stream, try
There are a few other solutions as well to identify your other twitter users of their #fediverse and #birdsite or #Twitter handles are identical

@arin_basu Ah, thank you! Personally, I won't use because its reposting of tweets to here probably doesn't really encourage folks to make the change I made and come to Mastodon? I'd rather lend my ear to folks who've made this change. Handy that it exists, though.

Also, cheers for the follow. Reciprocated!

@miblo If this interests you, you can search who in Twitter is already in Mastodon. But if you do not like that, my apologies. I have shared this resource with an intent to help, hope you will understand. Here is the resource:


@arin_basu Oh, thanks! Yeah, this seems great. Hopefully it'll do the trick. 🔍

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