TIL in #Gimp:

To move a part of an image, select the part, then hold Ctrl+Alt and drag the selection. Hold Ctrl+Shift and drag to copy the selection.


I worked around understanding floating selections and anchoring for years by using Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V for years. This is a relief.

Read it is possible to get random replies when talking to the void here and generally more brain so testing a bit!

Switching from Debian to I regularly get:

$ ping archlinux.org
ping: archlinux.org: Temporary failure in name resolution

Feels like it happens when I start up Firefox/Chromium (not sure about w3m) (・ω・)?

Attached log is from when it happens.
I do not want to test too much blindly because systemd might trigger some chain-reaction bs.

Just realized I copied over my profile description without correcting "tweeting" → "tooting" I should be banned already (>▽<;;

Nyanpasu~ (*‾▽‾)ノ✨

Literally just found out about Mastodon and it looks exactly like what I ever wanted!

I want to be social and not the type who signs up to a ton of platforms to spam marketing posts.

Since I am in the middle of right now I will post a pic a day while slowly trying to figure out how things work around here!

Please forgive me and let me know instead of instantly banning me if I do something wrong!


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