Friendly reminder that your worth is not based on your job or your money or your possessions or your achievements or your relationship status. It is defined by how well you can defend the resistance leader as a child after you travel back in time to stop a jacked murderbot.

i'm a mad computer scientist. it means i'm gay and kill nazis with my brain, like alan turing

is jesus an example of parhenogenesis?

not listening to any reply guy who tells me "don't complain about this when you can just make your own code changes and compile it from scratch" until they do the same thing with their gender

some drug use I guess 

dude *takes hit from blunt* have you ever looked at feet? how crazy is it that we just have the two? we don't have any fur or feathers either. we're just, like *takes another hit* we're just bipeds without feathers, and whatever the first thing I said was.

*bursts in the room tripping balls waving around a half plucked chicken*

anyway happy sunday, here's a meme that i made but i'm not going to post on facebook because i am not in the mood for my sister to come and try to fight me, but please feel free to use this on your racist great-uncle bobert

just a note to the programmers on here: if your work involves ai, neural networks, or other expensive algorithms designed to replace human judgement, consider how much it's truly meant to be more equitable and/or efficient and whether it meets that goal. if it doesn't and you're just automating existing judgement at great expense, the purpose of including a neural network is to obfuscate culpability

this is not theoretical

well. now i have this in my youtube recommendations and nothing but myself to blame

let's be real here: there is noöne on this network of federated websites whomst would not fuck bugs bunny in drag

lewd lord of the rings 

just saw this and i'm dying of lol

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