@mikael sounds wonderful. A morning of coffee and books / jigsaws. An afternoon of walking in quaint English country villages built in the 1800s, a pub lunch and now thinking about an evening of movies and veggie buffet food.

All is good with the world. 👍🏼

I realized over the weekend that I had all of the parts for a PirateBox, so... I did the obvious thing and built a PirateBox. It's an old Pi Zero, a cheap USB hub, WiFi dongle, and various junk-box hardware hot-glued into a mint tin, with a large enough power bank to run it for a few days.

(For anyone unfamiliar: piratebox.cc)

My morning coffee reading. It’s an old one, but explains things _really_ clearly.

@rozina @mikael @neauoire I shall. I hear they’re off being awesome on a boat somewhere. But I’ll hit them up and see if they’re happy for me to join. Thanks!

Oh and to make music. I have tools to make music. This is very important to me.

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Offline I have to tools to build, make and cook.

I just want to be more in control of my environment.

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Software includes:

- ardour
- blender
- Godot engine
- krita
- Inkscape
- piskel
- some tiny text editor I wrote myself by following a tutorial that I used to build another text editor that I wrote myself by following a different tutorial
- Firefox

Mostly I am going to be using open / free software where I can. When I am skilled / knowledgeable enough I will slowly replace these tools with my own that fit me and the way I work.

I hope.

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Currently my studio contains a few really old laptops with various flavours of Linux on them. A really old mac book pro. A whole host of physical books on programming in C, Ruby and Python. A bunch of woodworking hand tools. Some electronic components and solder things. Loads of cooking utensils, herbs, spices and cookbooks. Way too many musical instruments. And a whole host of open source / libre software.

@rozina @mikael I’m happy to niche. Have admired merveilles folks from afar so would love to be a part of it.

@rozina @mikael well thank you! I’m on mas.to at the moment. I was considering my own instance but have discovered my ISP doesn’t give out static IP addresses. Which makes things… annoying.

@nimblet I’m hoping it’s fixed now. Might have taken a while to filter through.

@ice this is very true. If I’m sharing music I normally hunt out the most accessible version. Unfortunately, that’s mostly YouTube these days. Even soundcloud limits unless you pay for GO+

@noa possibly, mine cleared up... no worries. get on with what you need to do, you've helped a lot by calling it out. 👍🏼

@ice I feel like that this might also be the difference between consuming music (coworkers) and experiencing music (you).

@noa I'll have to do a check with that, thanks. It's probably showing the old cert still. Moved from host to codeberg so I think that's something that needs to sort out. Thanks.

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