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I want to host this:

on my site. How do I get access to a download of the HTML?

The logo is supposed to represent the M of and suggest mountains and openness and freedom.

Plus, it's really easy to make a stencil from which I believe is the first rule of logo design.

First time in a long long time that I have hand-coded anything. It felt really nice. Really hands-on. Not abstracted out.

So this means, I'm going to have to learn to build a tool (wiki website building tool) that builds the tool (wiki website).

This should be interesting and also give me focus.

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I also want the studio website to have a library of useful books: ranging from coding books, through to sociological books, books on history, books on culture, books on self-sufficiency and so on and so forth.

Information hidden behind paywalls is of no use to anybody.

Books are tools, books have power.

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I think I have said before that I'm going to make the studio website an actual tool to use to help run the studio. Well, that's the plan.

This studio website tool also has to work offline as well, so today I shall be looking into that.

I find this very incredibly inspirational.

"This talk, which was featured as a keynote at LibrePlanet 2022, is about the dangers and shortcomings of relying on always-online proprietary platforms. Hundred Rabbits will share how they reimagined their software to encourage the reuse, repair and maintenance of existing hardware."

Makes me want to be a more considered creator.

Thanks @neauoire & @rek

I love being on / near / in water. So more of that too please.

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Trying to grow different grasses on our lawn among the flowers and weeds. Definitely not a monoculture lawn. We like having the bees.

My mission for the rest of the year is to free up mental headspace. To assist:

- be outdoors
- no social media except this mastodon instance and the limited creative and inspiration people i follow
- read more
- I eat pretty healthy already so continue with that
- spend time with myself and checking in once in a while

These things have drifted by the wayside.

I've messed about on here a few times, but I have settled here: becoming more self-sufficient / self-reliant online in particular has become important for me.

So I want to be a reflection of me and my ideals and my wants and needs and desires. This means I can be honest with myself and grow.

I have built a couple of text editors (one in Python and one in C) when learning how to do something. I'll probably put these up on @codeberg at some point soon.

But, I'll use these to code things going forward until I gain the skills to build a better text editor.

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Currently in the process of hand-coding my website and wiki.

As an ex FE developer I know how to do this, but I might learn and build my own wiki software to help me.

I think that will be a useful thing to have.

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It's all very new at the moment as I'm just starting, but the plan is to make my own digital tools. Create my own analogue / physical / offline tools. Be more about things. Share. Kick back against the pricks.

I'm an old that has lost his way and needs to reconnect.

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I'm setting up an experimental small-tech creative research studio created to explore code, tools, products and services using sustainable and ethical business practices through the utilisation of open source tools and methodologies.

I'm just starting out. So bear with me.

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