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Re: where to publish research data 

I need to post some data and scripts used in my research to a data repository. , , and others are mentioned.

I care about (mine and that of users accessing the data), ownership, persistence -- in time, open standards, software... that these might/might not offer.

Any recommendation? Word of caution? Things to consider?

"La competición comercial por las vacunas ha generado también mucha desinformación", @SoyMmadrigal

🔴 , Teorías de la conspiración

"Tenemos muy poca cultura de , muy poca cultura de datos, y la seguimos teniendo igual después de un año de . Y en este contexto los bulos prosperan muy bien", dice


Me funciona al revés Wallapop, compro más de lo que vendo 🤔

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the initial push for the internet came from the state and from academia. but the market innovated such now-ubiquitous features as 'every page taking forever to load' and 'half of it going down for no reason'

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If you're into maps, UX, and talking to legit on-the-ground environmental activists, we'd like to pay you to help us figure out what features and other design specs will be most useful for them

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“It does raise concerns about censorship, particularly given how we’ve seen social media platforms bungle moderating Palestinian voices in recent weeks amid the Israel conflict. Twitter’s algorithms have screwed up before, and there’s no arguing that mislabeling inconvenient truths as ‘fake news’ could have lasting repercussions.”

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So someone made a search engine for fediverse accounts, where you can look up accounts by username etc. Which seems like a neat idea until you consider the harassment/stalking/surveillance applications of such a thing.

I tried it on my own username and indeed it gives several results for my accounts in various places, which would allow someone to stalk me across instances if they so desired.

I am pissed about it. And I would be less pissed if it was open about its methods and data storage policies, or if it was open source so I could at least see what it's doing. Or if it was opt-in. Or at least if there was a way to opt out. But I see none of those things! So who knows how it's scraping and where that data ends up.

Pretty sure many of us moved to fedi to avoid surveillance and surveillance capitalism in particular, and here it is being replicated on a smaller scale by a hashtag foss hashtag open source person who doesn't even expose the code.

Anyway, I'm not linking to it here because I don't want to spread the tool around to more people. I have contacted the developer and received no reply, but I'll try again tomorrow.


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A new record: I’m now following -2 people on Twitter.

Ever since I unfollowed everyone – why? For my peace of mind… see –Twitter’s lost the plot. Today it showed me following two people. When I clicked through, it was four. Unfollowed them and…

(If they’re messing this up, what else are they messing up while filtering and moderating your reality and analysing and categorising you?)


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#GMail is harmful to e-mail ecosystem; its antispam blocking policy matches too many valid messages as spam.

It blocked LastPass email leak warning email, because it contained "a link" to a leaked site.

It blocked an e-mail from goverment agency addressed directly to me.

It discriminates all non-gmail servers, and it's pretty much impossible to own a private SMTP server these days, because GMail will classify everything as spam.

It's not how e-mail should work.

Consider dropping GMail.

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Docentes en Canarias impulsan una fundación para velar por la soberanía tecnológica en el ámbito educativo. La propuesta de Google es entrar gratuitamente (sic) a través de la Suite for Education.

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🇬🇧Majority of European Parliament Committee allows e-mail, messaging and chat providers to indiscriminately search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police, using error-prone algorithms and #AI (#chatcontrol). (1/3)

Just unchecked 'Share RTs to Mastodon' in the . Mindless pinpon-style sharing and RTing saved for 😬

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Folks on Twitter: if you notice that my account has unfollowed yours, please don’t take it personally: I’m running a browser extension to unfollow all accounts.


Read: Hell site (

TL; DR: I’ve had enough of dealing with shit-stirring asshole algorithms :)

I’ll continue to forward posts from my own Mastodon instance so, if you want to keep up with Small Tech/Web stuff, you can still follow my posts, if you like. (I’ll also read replies/respond when I can.)

Hemendik galdetzen dute ea noizko haurrentzat 🤪

A long must-read by Cory Doctorow about , and why the switching cost is still worth it:

Get the f# out. Apps like can help lower those switching costs (autoresponds to your contacts so they know where to find you).

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Not coincidentally, these are often operated as public utilities, to keep natural monopolies from being abused by greedy jerks.

But the internet isn't a railroad. Digital is different, because computers are *universal* in a way that railroads aren't - *all* computers can run *all* programs that can be expressed in symbolic logic, and that means we can almost always connect new systems to existing ones.


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Kezkatuta eta harrituta naukan gaiari buruz nik baino gehiago dakitenekin ikasteko aukera eder hau eskaini didate Donostiako campuseko lagunek.

Ekainak 16, arratsaldeko 4retan Mundaizeko Matteo Riccin.



Según un estudio científico:
✖️El modo nocturno del móvil no mejora el sueño.
✅ Dejar el móvil en el salón, sí.
(Que no lo decimos nosotros, lo dice gente que sabe...)👇


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