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finally made a alt! I've been on the fediverse for a few months (ask for main or art etc) but I've been too scared/haven't cared enough to make an account I can post NSFW to (bc vaguely NSFW stuff goes on main or something under a CW)
I'm interested in a lot of things but on this account I'll mostly talk about sex--may post pics eventually, but they would probably be private
for a bit of privacy, not putting my main pronouns here. call me whatever, but I'm usually not a girl

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yall...just unapologetically ask for money.

Most of us will get it. Those who dont, need to learn.
Its not your fault you dont have enough money to have your basic needs met.

You are not a burden.
You didnt do anything wrong
despite what messages you may have received.

idk just, if you feel compelled to say sorry i wont stop u
just. please think about what message that sends.
we can create an environment where we dont need to apologize for needing help.

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"I'm in horny mode," I say, doing something completely non-sexual

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You all ever just be an enby and another enby is into you and you're like "god I just want to be gay with this enby like play Minecraft with them or Factorio or watch TNG reruns"

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Apparently quarks have four quantum numbers: strangeness, charm, topness and bottomness.

I guess the same could be said of me, too.

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I'm a computer liker, I will like your computer setup even if you don't

lewdish? yearning 

homophobic tbh that my boobs aren't being grabbed

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posting this here bc I don't want all my polyam moots on my main to take it as a subtoot lmao

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the urge to be part of a huge polycule but only date like 2 or 3 people

took a vid bc I was feelin cute but it doesn't have a duration bc I used my browser to take it and my video fixing program didn't fix it 😔

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sounds lewd, silly 

"whew FUCK!
...want to get your holes blasted too?" I ask you, handing you the Neti-Pot

ahh and the testosterone is sinking in bc now my body is horny and my brain is not, I forgot about this

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mitski, sex 

type of girl who cums in you and then, during aftercare, plays a mitski song about having bad sex to save a relationship

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when you're horny
:drakeLikeFalse: have sex
:drakeLikeFalse:​ masturbate
:drakeLikeFalse:​ take a cold shower
:drakeLikeTrue:​ post about it on the federated verse ​

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like all transfems and adhders (strong overlap between these two groups) i have a praisekink


okay hear me out... what if we cuddled

honestly I'd be so down to work at a femboy hooters ngl

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