I am aware that Taproot is also a band, but I feel like if I listened to their stuff and didn't like it I would simply have to stop being a rabbit. I don't think I could do that. /j

I can't stop thinking about the ze/zir joke I saw about salad. I kind of hate the original poster for that one. /j

mild blood, art 

Rabbit that makes art nonstop (Ze has nothing else to do in zir free time)

Guess who probably has fleas again. (This Rabbit)

Weird hand, joint sublux 

I think if I ran towards able bodied people with my hands out like this they would run away after telling me I'm not "sick looking enough" or "it's all in my head". Thoughts? /j

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Weird hand, joint sublux 

One of those Disabled party tricks, or something. /j

(Don't do this if you have hyper-mobility, it can be painful at least and harmful at most.)

I know Black Honey is meant to represent the Oil Wars in this world but I still can't *not* see it as a really sad depiction of the continuation of generational trauma and abuse. Especially the music video? Hello?!

Or it's just about oil. I guess. Unless people have the power to interpret songs in a variety of ways? /lh

I don't even know what genres are. I'm just a bunny.

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If I ever made a music album, I'd probably call it Taproots and Trauma. Trademarking that right now.

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When gender doesn't exist and you have big boobs... 😳😔

My brain is usually filled to the brim with two things: Taproots and Trauma.

But it's also okay, because I love carrots. /gen

Strawberry milkshake. :>3 I can't remember the last time I had one, but it was so good!

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