Aren't you glad most white people don't wear awful locs and Black hairstyles anymore like in the early 2000s? At the same time, hair that isn't coarse gets ruined by protective hairstyles! So you lose in every way!

Things have REALLY changed since Smile's music video for Butterfly...
It's a weird one. And likely culturally offensive in a few more ways.

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I unironically have this stuck in my head a lot of the time.
Before my dormancy it wasn't an online joke, and just a part of toys!

But now it feels silly.

Sleepily hops on to share a tiny self portrait of... me! :>3

We are going to possibly(?) try another brand that looks much better for sensory processing/Autism, and I'll be sure to give my/our thoughts on them if we do!

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At the end of the day, those are just MY thoughts and observations, but it should be taken into consideration if you're wanting a good product for sensory aid.

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All negative reviews I've seen across the web say the same thing: they don't do anything at all, are sometimes without the advertised noise filter INSIDE them, and just look like a cute plastic ring in your ear to show off. Fashion over actual function.

I wanted to share since we're looking into plugs for our environment/being out in public and how Loops is possibly overhyped, and selling a product that is catering to Autistic folks in a sort of not-cool way. A faux aid that's overpriced!

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Loop (earplugs) seem to be less than what they advertise after some more in depth looking. Case point: they don't do much, if any, noise cancelling and are more of an accessory than a tool to process sounds easier. I wanted to share because Loop is advertised often for ASD.

Today has been nice! Much better compared to yesterday, where PTSD was having a field day. Remember to take care of yourself when things get hard! :>3

Our sweet kitty gets fleas a lot (we give her meds routinely, we just live in an area with a lot of fleas). Which means I have to wipe her tush with a napkin to get rid of worms until we get her dewormer again.

She acts like I removed a limb or something! Did you like the worms there or something? /j

It might just be an autism thing and liking plain foods, but I should be allowed to enjoy it!

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Corn chex is so comforting! So good... So simple. I feel the same about plain cheerios, but corn chex is higher on the list. πŸ‡πŸ’•

I drank 2 cups of coffee in a body that's sensitive to caffeine. I'm ready to start destruction. :>3c /joke

Neurotypicals say one thing, do the other, and then get mad when you figured they'd actually do what they said. How am *I* the confusing one? :>//

Drew myself...! Digital drawing is actually pretty fun. I got too tired to color. :>3

I had no clue Masto has so many apps and second hand programs you can use. Along with phones, there are a lot for a desktop. I think Whalebird is really cool looking so far. And as a system, having many accounts you can put onto one place is a lot easier on our memory. :>3 I hope the others will like this too.

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