Loop (earplugs) seem to be less than what they advertise after some more in depth looking. Case point: they don't do much, if any, noise cancelling and are more of an accessory than a tool to process sounds easier. I wanted to share because Loop is advertised often for ASD.

All negative reviews I've seen across the web say the same thing: they don't do anything at all, are sometimes without the advertised noise filter INSIDE them, and just look like a cute plastic ring in your ear to show off. Fashion over actual function.

I wanted to share since we're looking into plugs for our environment/being out in public and how Loops is possibly overhyped, and selling a product that is catering to Autistic folks in a sort of not-cool way. A faux aid that's overpriced!

At the end of the day, those are just MY thoughts and observations, but it should be taken into consideration if you're wanting a good product for sensory aid.

We are going to possibly(?) try another brand that looks much better for sensory processing/Autism, and I'll be sure to give my/our thoughts on them if we do!

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