Logic doesn't always beat an anxious thought, I guess! Oh well. Taking it as it goes!

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I've been minding my own business most of these past days but every now and then I get the thought in my head of "You HAVE to pay off that appointment fee! You have to do it right now!!"

I can't call to pay until monday. Lol! Why can't I just relax until then? Secondhand anxiety from someone else in the sys I guess.

Crumbl cookies are so good it's *unreal*. I'm trying so hard not to eat myself into a stomach ache.

Leftist coffee brand with the slogan "Get Woke"

"...Unfortunately I can't continue to engage in that conversation with you just yet, because there's a slightly pressing issue of me being a vending machine happening right now."

I took 2 naps today that probably added up to 6 hours of sleep. We can't sleep at night lately! It's kinda complicated. Could be worse but still sucks a little!

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I've been existing, but also in the "I can't keep my eyes open long enough because I'm sleep deprived" kind of way. I'm sending my existence beams over, though.

I'm too tired to do shading and details, but I managed to draw a thing! ;v;

(Their name is Cherish, and they are one of my fav OCs design-wise!)

Someone else THREW AWAY the carrot juice!!! My day is irreversibly ruined.

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We apparently have carrot juice in this house now and I'm just *vibrates uncontrollably in stereotypical cartoon rabbit fashion*

@Redleaveshavefallen Love love love these!! Body diversity makes me so hoppy. :>3 ❣️

This is about my smoothie. But if you want to imagine it as a very powerful gay person, you can do that too!

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It's 2 pm and I'm soooooooo tired. Eating would probably wake me up. But also, tired!

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