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This being said;

Buy me a ko-fi if you can do so comfortably; all $ goes to me saving into my own funds for living.

Commissions carrd; currently on hiatus but I will update when otherwise!

I have a Redbubble I hope to expand in the future:

Please share this around if you would like for boosting purposes.

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I drew farting animals today on a friend&'s drawing board. It was my favorite part. I made normal art too...

We live in a dystopian future where sleepy girls are forced to have appointments

Me going through a difficult time in life:
"You're either a smart fella, or a fart smella..."

Being an adult just means calling over 10 different places and getting no results, while also being fed 3 more numbers to call each time. Phone number Hydra.

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TLDR I did a lot of phone calls that got me nowhere. Have to try again tomorrow!

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Logic doesn't always beat an anxious thought, I guess! Oh well. Taking it as it goes!

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I've been minding my own business most of these past days but every now and then I get the thought in my head of "You HAVE to pay off that appointment fee! You have to do it right now!!"

I can't call to pay until monday. Lol! Why can't I just relax until then? Secondhand anxiety from someone else in the sys I guess.

Crumbl cookies are so good it's *unreal*. I'm trying so hard not to eat myself into a stomach ache.

Leftist coffee brand with the slogan "Get Woke"

Slept until 4 pm... Can I get a "pog moment"?

"...Unfortunately I can't continue to engage in that conversation with you just yet, because there's a slightly pressing issue of me being a vending machine happening right now."

I took 2 naps today that probably added up to 6 hours of sleep. We can't sleep at night lately! It's kinda complicated. Could be worse but still sucks a little!

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