@mz I'm testing the same and it's the best wm i have ever tried in my pinephone. It's the one I got less problems at the moment. With this I am using my pinephone as an OTP backup hehehe


At first the only thing that bothered me was the on screen keyboard. All those layouts were on my nerve.

Just added `export KEYBOARD_ARGS='-l full,special'` to the `/usr/bin/sxmo-winit.sh` and now the `wvkbd° just has two layouts.
I will modify the source code to move `SUPER_KEY` to the full layout and add a persian layout witch is my mother language.
There is also issues with bidi text and rtl text support. Working on them. Yes it is the best so far.

@mz I am reading the doc because I install some apps and I cannot launch through bemenu, so I may missing something. Thanks for the Keyboard tip, it's very annoying those layouts. I will try the sxmo sway in my Pinetab, I think I will use it a lot of more with this WM.


How do you use bemenu
What apps are missing in bemenu?

@mz Bemenu come by default in sxmo-sway. I installed "otpclient" but I don't see in the appmenu. I have to check what's going on.

You should use bemenu-run witch is bind to $mod+d (Super+d)

Thank you very much. This is a nice workaround. I have to see if I can launch with a gesture.

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