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My old instance is kicking the bucket, guess it's time to introduce myself again. 😉

I’m an amateur artist who enjoys mocking the thirsty fucks who jump into my DMs. I'm also, occasionally, a battle rapper.

I’m passionate about feminism and music production, and I’m and . Let’s entertain each other. 💋

As a queer person it is actually a *crime* for me to say "I'm visiting my girlfriend" about the woman I have a completely platonic relationship with

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I'm realizing I might be that bitch that unironically calls her gal pals "girlfriend" 🤦‍♀️

Makeup selfie, ec 

Left my house for the first time in what feels like forever.

It's nice to be out again.

Allyship isn't just having the correct opinions, sometimes it's knowing when to shut your trap lmao

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Us pol (indirectly) 

White people on the bus dicussing current events and how outraged they are...absolutely uncaring that some people might not want to hear it.

I don't care if you draw every correct conclusion, you still shouldn't be discussing the gorey details in public.

You just gotta hit them with one of these 🥺 lmao

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One of the many privleges to being a pretty little white woman is that I can get on most public transit for free if I just look sad enough

Like noooooooo I'm not actually flirting with you, I just only know how to present myself as a caricature and have no other means of communicating 💜 lol

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Talking with people I don't know well really has me like "Lol sorry for always wrapping everything I say within a veneer of flirtation 💋 it keeps me from having to perform emotional vulnerability"

My microphone is *so* fucked up 😭 I'm just listening to the last recordings I made with it and suffering


like, lmao. I look exactly the same as I did before you knew! Meanwhile you suddenly look like a bigot

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thinking about how so many people have thought I was attractive until they learned I was disabled, and then the inherent ugliness of that fact made them lose all interest

This is what it felt like when god destroyed the tower of Babel

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I feel like the sparkle emoji was half of my online grammar and ever since my phone removed it I've been broken

I can't believe my original songs are *so* good and the cable for my microphone is *so* nonexistent

Just learned I have a speech impediment from youtube comments LMAO

makeup selfies, ec 

"Cus you're Concealing the fact that your personality isn't strong enough to carry you
So you gotta Contour the conversation just to get in eye(a) line,
Even though nothing coming from your Lipsticks"

Battle rap verses written about me will always be the best captions lmao

I'm really happy with the critique I got, the judges were really on the mark. I rap fucking *leisurely*, I gotta speed up my punches...

hopefully I can incorporate that without straining my weak ass lungs lmao

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