People if you have questions just ask😎 👍

No personal stuff:

*Fuck all Nazis, burn in hell alt-right🤬 🤬 🤬
*where I live
*what my name is
*color of my persona
*s*xual orientation
*world view

Anything else is fine

@nemo Y you repeat this public notice again and again?

@mur2501 no I just added some information delete & redraft than I pinned it on my profile, it looks like repeating but if you look closely you can see that I added new information, I also changed the link of the video from invidio to invidious.snopyta etc.

@mur2501 yeah idk how to do it in a other, or I would have edited different😅 😂

@nemo There was an indian guy on youtube who just commented his name on every video and he became immensely famous. So whenever someone asks the thing you don't wanna reveal, just say 'nemo'

@mur2501 heheehhehehe😂 😂 ❤️ 👍 thx this is a funny/cool idea

@nemo ahh no thnx the guy named Binod, he just filled youtube with 'Binod'

@mur2501 that is so funny :) this could be a social media trick😻

@nemo Don't know but in India he has become a meme sensation

@nemo Like if I would have known becoming famous is so easy I would fucked up till brim all of youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter and everything with my name.

@mur2501 Strange isn't? How one can become a celebrity or a meme😂

@mur2501 ha hehehehe😂 😂 I think this a nemoed situation❤️ 👍

@nemo well yeah you didn't mentioned bank details on your list

@mur2501 you are correct here is my bank number


you can even call it via telephone

@nemo Anyway you don't seem to be American at all.

@mur2501 you can't know bro I might be American or not, who knows?

@nemo You can be I can't know for sure but with my experience with Americans, you don't seem to be american.

@mur2501 by your experience with dem muricans? I have to tell ya there are 350 Millions people in the US of and A, this means 350 Million different personalities😂 What do you expect from an american that they have a flag on their profile and talking bullshit hehehehe😂 😂 😂

I didn't said Americans are not awesome. They are cool, they have given the world many good stuffs.

@mur2501 yes but everything has always two side :D❤️ 😻 👍

@nemo Not about the flag but the bullshit thing maybe correct.
Well basically you can spot Americans coz they specifically use American english.

@mur2501 I can also write in american english, but I prefer to write in standard online english

Its not full proof way to seperate the Americans from the crowd, its a shitty way. But if you wanna spot a brit just drop in some tea and wait, they will come crawling out :cate:

@mur2501 hahahahhha very good, very good😂😂😂 might I say that I love tea mhhhh …

We also love tea, it just being Indian we have mixed spices in them too :blobcattea:

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