Does anybody know how to troubleshoot USB Type-C Thunderbolt power delivery issues with external powerbanks? I had some inquiries today but had no time and wasn't allow to troubleshoot it. I would love to help folks if they have a question in the future😅 🙏

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Are you kidding how many bloody standards of this are there uff😅

So sad that no one here know how to troubleshoot this kind of stuff in linux via terminal😅

So its kinda supported since kernel 4.6 aight?

Quote: …Linux has supported USB 3.0 since kernel version 2.6.31 and USB version 3.1 since kernel version 4.6."

@nemo Kernel support could be different from the actual behavior, because a lot of vendor implemenet these in their firmware and do not rely on the OS implementation.

@PeterCxy F… I assumed that. I saw a video from dell that you first have to apply a firmware upgrade and then can use their powerbank. Furthermore, I would love to get deeper into this, but I have no fricking clue most folks I know who meddle with these issues have a computer masters of science degree and I don't😭

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