"General purpose IP network emulation/simulation tool for FreeBSD and Linux

We developed a realistic network topology emulation / simulation framework based on the FreeBSD and Linux operating system kernel partitioned into multiple lightweight virtual nodes, which can be interconnected via kernel-level links to form arbitrarily complex network topologies."



@seven Tcl :D is the hottest sh*t out there :D hahaha but still a interesting project. Like packetracer but with linux.

@nemo I mean it was immediately attractive, but TCL/Tk?! Gtfooh that’s the crap I was playing with multiple decades ago for irc bots and BitchX (et all) scripting… It’s super hard to take it seriously…
@nemo The list of problems/deficiencies/weaknesses with that scripting language are so long, distinguished, and repeatedly proven, it almost feels like a troll…

@seven I wasn't trolling and those folks are academics Idk why they used that but it's not up to me to judge :D

@nemo Nono I mean the project feels like a troll at that point, not you.

@seven No worries :D I did not got offended :D

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