Which federated social media is the most user friendly to you?

Sharing is very appreciated.

Please share your experiences too if you don't mind.

@ademalsasa IIn generally, my experiences are very positive. Lovely people, no spam. Very interesting folks, all in all joining the fediverse is a triple win situation for me, IMHO. :D 👍

@nemo true! Same experience goes to me also, Nemo. My pleasure too to receive your experience, my friend.

#fediverse #mastodon


@ademalsasa Thank you Ade my friend :D 👍

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@nemo I have a new post about job here floss.social/@ademalsasa/10672 you can participate, nemo. If you have more sources to add, please kindly add.

@ademalsasa Sure Ade if I find something I'll add it :) np 👍

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