@sigsegv Haahhah :D funny, right? 😂 😂 😂

@nemo 9 boosts later we still don't have "Arch isn't hard actually" reply on this thread? I am disappointed. /jk

@person @nemo I'm curious as to why Kali is included on there, isn't it designed for security research and not day-to-day usage?

I also had the same question. Kali is a rolling release bugs may occur… I assume that the person who created this picture put it therefore on this particular category. But I'm not 100 % sure 😅 🤷‍♂️

@nemo @person I guess, though it seems strange along with Arch and w/e that other distro is supposed to be (I'm surprised Gentoo isn't in Kali's place, talk about no fucking life).

@chillanarchist01 Yep, same thought on my side. But after all it's just a funny picture, nothing to be taken serious 😂 @person

@nemo @person Facts. Nothing serious taken, just a bit mystified at some of the choices.

@person @nemo It isn’t, still I prefer to not living in the constant fear of breaking my system with updates :D

@quad Nice system. I don't know how to uninstall life 😂 🤷‍♂️ 😅

@nemo my other desktop does run arch, so i dunno where i dropped my life. maybe i'm a linux zombie who's half alive

@quad Probably a good mixture of Ying and Yang 👍 😂

@MercurialBlack Nevermind as long as you use linux, there is still some life :D


I am missing the more obscure and rare OSes. First I expected to find BSD on the "No life" side… thinking about this there are even more rare Desktop-OSes like OS/2, BeOS/Zeta/Haiku, DOS, KolibriOS…

@deusfigendi True this is just a very minimalistic overview I assume

@sirjofri What is 9front? sorry never heard of that

@nemo 9front is a Plan 9 fork. Plan 9 builds on the unix philosophy. Some will say, Plan 9 is what Unix should have been...
9front.org for more info (the site is safe, no js, no cookies)

@sirjofri Awesome thank you I'll have look at it ❤️ 👍

But arent there a lot of BSD derivates? Out there is something special in plan 9 compared to them?

@nemo I mean really. Check out Plan 9. It's completely different than everything you know from unix, but much more unix-y.

@sirjofri Like I've state I'll have a look at it :)

I hope that I'll will get it to boot. Is there any virtualbox tutorial?

@nemo There is, indeed. It won't work on hyper-v, but qemu+kvm works perfectly fine

@sirjofri Mind to share any tutorial links or something? :ablobthinking:

@nemo you can find many resources in the fqa: fqa.9front.org. here's a video about virtualbox installation: youtu.be/zj0dUcfdVY8

@sirjofri Ahh so this isn't even a BSD based thing :ablobthinking: very interesting

@nemo *laughs in OpenBSD/i3 desktop install that has taken me 3 days to setup and I'm still not done*

@chickfilla Haahahha😂😂😂 Nice kudos to you my friend 👍 (no sarcasm)

@nemo Do you fear technology -> Linux
(you can study the code and check if you should fear it 😉)

@nemo you kid but I ditched my arch installation for Debian and now it keeps killing my wireless driver and there's no sound.

@mistermonster Well :D yeah maybe I don't know maybe there are some missing firmware packages? What wireless device are you using?


@nemo it's the non-free iwlwifi driver, it worked for a while then it gets soft killed for some reason I'm not sure why, have to sort it out

@mistermonster And which wifi module is it? Maybe there some known firmware bugs? Ahh some intel firmware su**s

@nemo yeah I'm seeing the same problem pretty common online, there are some fucky workarounds and hacks that I don't like but if I have to I have to.

@mistermonster OK keep me updated if those workarounds work. It's always nice to learn some new stuff.

@nemo right now the best workaround I've found that I've been using is

> sudo rfkill unblock all

Works for soft blocks, not hard blocks, and it is recommended to a lot of people with this problem to run it as an init service with a 10s wait beforehand. I feel like I need a shower after doing it but I need wireless networking.

@mistermonster Ahh ok, I see. I know this command, but I rarely use it. But there has been here and there occasions where I told folks to try it.👍

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