took the plunge and purchased the Sennheiser HD 660s. time for the ears to get an upgrade from these HD599s

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using small fediverse social sites after being so long around behemoths like Facebook feels like coming home in small cozy village after hostile and always in run big city :blobcatcoffee:

just bought the fiio k5 pro, my first venture in to the world of DACs and Amps. not the best but not the worst either.

Who else has been sleeping SO MUCH during corona? Also random naps during the day?

I’ve become nocturnal pretty much

What is going on with the Tootle app! Getting a bunch of really old push notifications ....

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This @Raspberry_Pi-powered barrel arcade runs Spotify and stores your booze. Perfect for your basement bar!

Original tweet :

how do I switch from to
does the site I use even matter? just looking at the user count

@justso what are the brain activity scans of? by your bio I'm guessing brain activity sober vs whilst tripping?

havent tripped in over a year now I think!

trying to figure out how to follow people on different fediverse sites...

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When you finally get a new contact on :blobaww: .
When you realize it's your dentist :blobugh:

Most of the content on the fediverse tab seems to be Japanese!

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