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Does anyone use for everyday casual browsing instead of other browsers?

honesty is the opposite of politeness. it means that you're disclosing some of the thoughts you keep locked away. "i'm just being honest" is true - that person let you hear what they really think, and you learn that they have judgmental, negative thoughts and make constructive thinking the problem of other people. why is it perceived as rude? (calling something rude is rude in itself btw) because a lot of us lack this constructive capacity also. the mind is rarely light enough to dance.

Here have some photons from space that I caught with my camera sensor just before they crashed into my driveway

If you have a hardcore party line conservative married to a nominal liberal, it means you have a marriage between two conservatives

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Itching for political analysis that goes beyond the typical Overton window? Perhaps an outlet that doesn't view anything left of Biden with contempt? Then you might enjoy a subscription to Jacobin.

Here's a free (single-use) redemption link for a one-year print+digital subscription (print distribution within the USA):


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Wow. Listen.

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@RachelBitecofer@twitter.com “I am the only woman on this podium. I am the only physician on this podium.

This bill is a medical sham.

...You are killing women.”
~Senator Karen Berg of Kentucky @karenforky@twitter.com

#Abortion #WomensRights

@tindall @AgathaSorceress I think it's really hard for people to not anthropomorphize corporations; but they aren't people, they are systems. good people can and do exist inside if those systems. Sometimes they are able to rock the system back and forth, at great personal stress and exhaustion, from the inside and shake loose some resources toward something good.

Maybe some queer employees get a pride initiative going; maybe someone is able to get their job to divest from ChildLaborCo™️. Maybe someone can make the case to their boss that open-source is good, actually;

But at the end of the day, these systems are paperclip maximizers, but for profits. They have one, singular goal, and absolutely no consideration is given to anything else in pursuit of that goal unless it endangers that goal.... over the next quarter or two.

This is how you can have a corporation that can do rainbow shit all June and really mean it; and at the same time donate money to queerphobic politicians and ALSO really mean it.

Anyway. The point is, you can't trust these COs. Maximize what good you can extract from them, but don't loose sight of the fact that they are going to steamroll your whole family if it comes down to it.

in a way, consumers are like soldiers. for example, once in a while, somewhere in the world, someone gets a product that they die from because there was an issue somewhere up the production pipeline, and that's how the issue is discovered and fixed, and the rest of us can live on in peace, oblivious to the greatest sacrifice made here.

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Apathy is a form of surrender.

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