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Happy 25th anniversary! Thank you for creating the series!
25周年おめでとう! カービィシリーズを創ってくださって、本当にありがとうございます!@HAL_Laboratory @Sora_Sakurai

(Posted on: 5:00 PM · Apr 26, 2017)

Guess I better wait before I burn 60-70€ on cables I'm not sure about. Doesn't hurt to wait, my RGB-cable is doing good works for now, so there's no rush

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New video! So yeah, apparently my life has led up to me buying the arcade version of Rhythm Tengoku. Come watch me try to get it working from the perspective of an arcade hardware newbie lol

Does anyone have experience with Retrobit's GameCube component cable? Is it any good or should I avoid for now?

Haven't heard much about it, some positives here and there and some negatives, but this was more about the manufacturing controversy, so I'm not sure...

Just love how at the start of the 2000s DBZ-hype in some parts of Europe, license holders just threw in all kinds of stock images on products even tho some characters absolutely don't appear in that product (and I love the chaos)

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DBZ-fans, can you tell me what's "technically" wrong with this box art?

But I can understand, because maaaaaaan are Tri Color Battles unfun, when you're on the winning side

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I'm not a Splatoon 3-player but it's hilarious how every team is now fighting over losing in the first half.

Tri Battle really changed the meta ☠️

I didn't knew that Super Mario Strikers used to look *this* colorful

(source: N-Zone Archive 9/2005)

We don't talk about how the SEGA Saturn manages save files

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I don't know if this counts as a hot take, but I'll pretend it's a hot take to make people riled about something insignificant:

Memory Card saving > Game Cartridge saving

Doshin The Giant wishes you a great and relaxing weekend!

wops, there was SOME snark.

But with this many companies being involved, I can't imagine everyone shut their mouth for 2 weeks to not share any secrets to one of the most anticipated family movies of 2023.

I mean, it seems like the plot already leaked, so it's a matter of days

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Okay, but here my actual and genuine prediction without any snark:

This trailer will be...
... definitely leaked before its official showcase. No way anyone will NOT leak material in those 2 weeks for easy clout.

Temptation is way too big.
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Nintendo-fans expecting a Mario-movie info blowout in 2 weeks just to be greeted with Mario fart-joke in the teaser trailer

First wanted to make an "gamer making armstrong-arguments"-joke but honestly, we had enpugh of them already the last week

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Karate Joe is sadly not punching any butts in Smash Bros.
But instead in Sakurai's new video, he's punching "But"s.

Way to go, Karate Joe, punch more "But"s

You have less than a month btw.
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Guys, I think you all misunderstood Nintendo's Persona-announcement

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