A Bee fly (genus Ligyra) spotted at Coney Island, Singapore, on 31 Oct 2021. This is one of the more colourful Bee flies to be found there.

Bee flies are flies, but resemble bees when in flight.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/9 ].

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Such an interesting way to double dip in income:

Daylighting: How I Added $200k to My Bank Account in 1 Year Without Investing


So after more than a year, I return. I was trying to move myself to decentralized socials to keep myself occupied while I recovered from a TBI, and just lost it for awhile there :yikes:

But after slow but steady progress, and now in the light of FB's unsurprising bad press, I'm once again picking up the reins to continue migrating off Big Tech.

Signed up a Minds account tonight! Already loving it.


Amnesty International: "We shouldnโ€™t have to choose between accessing the internet and enjoying our human rights, we call for a ban on surveillance advertising. Clearly Facebook cannot be trusted to regulate itself.

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/amnesty/sta โ€” #humanrights #news #bot]

This is conflicting because I don't agree (and haven't for a long while) the direction Apple has taken things, mainly with regards to privacy. Hence exploring Linux-based alternatives.

Maybe it's just the timing more than anything... maybe now is not the best time for me to be trying too many new things.

Maybe life is just really weird right now & familiar things are better for now.

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It's weird, because there's a relationship you develop with software you use over a long time. It's comforting to know that you open something and it's going to look & function exactly in the ways you know. All the keyboard shortcuts. The continuity. It's stress relieving.

With all the things that cause stress these days, it might just be worth ~$53 a month to have that stability.

I feel a lot of surprise & conflict over this position I find myself taking!

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So... I've been using Adobe products more or less for 20 years. Trying some open source alternatives for Lightroom that aren't subscription-based and yeah... I'm now seriously doubting that I can change at this point.

That being said, I've only just tried one so far, darktable. Not at all impressed.

I agree with the fundamentals of open source software. We never should have gone down the slippery slopes. But, here we are.

I think Adobe may be the one exception I'm willing to make.

I've spent a lot of my life in severe pain. Injuries, poor treatment, & :thinkerguns: being so absurdly gullible to the point of being harmed by unscrupulous others, not even realizing until waaaay later.

That's all interfered with pursuing my goals. Hearing I wasn't good enough from those I loved wrecked my confidence.

The older I get, the more I realize, it was never true. They were scared to be themselves. I feel sad for them now.

This is freeing, because now โ€” nothing is in my way but me.

Does anyone do any sort of gardening, in containers or otherwise?

This summer I started growing some veggies from scraps & planted some things in containers. It's been mostly relaxing & therapeutic despite lots of trial & error, but recently a bunch of what I think are fungus gnats have taken over! :blobugh:

It seems the best way to deal with them is replant everything in sterile soil, keep a layer of sand on top for prevention, & not overwater. Anyone have any success on this?

I'm pretty certain that the debauchery in the US this year is primarily the result of a widespread cyberattack on the country. By who or what is uncertain. Enemies of the US, for sure.

I certainly don't agree with a lot of things the US has done or does, but this is still the country I happened to be born into. I just wish all the fighting everywhere would stop. So unnecessary... as a species, we have much more serious issues to attend to... le sigh :blobpats:

It sure really does seem like you have to choose โ€” will you live in the world subjugated to no privacy and being tracked 24/7? Or will you give it all up and leave it behind, but ostracize yourself in the process? Where is the middle ground?

Guide for protecting yourself from tracking cookies:

"Youโ€™ve probably heard the word โ€˜trackerโ€™ before in the context of web browsing. Youโ€™ve probably also had the uncanny experience of searching for a product or service and then seeing an advert for it hours later. In this article, we discuss how you are tracked on the internet, how your data and profile is sold to advertisers and other for-profit entities, and how to protect yourself."


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This feeling of "not good enough" constantly undermining me.

From whence it came?

A scene flashes to mind...

Sitting on the floor of my middle school hallway with other 13-year-olds, discussing the latest tech. I said I really wanted the new Motorola two-way pager with a full keyboard along with the new Nokia phone. Mean kid looks at me and says: "Who would want to call you?"

Stung for years. Now I feel sad for whatever he must have been dealing with at home.

And with that, my 50th toot.

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I truly regret not taking the job of assistant editor of our literature publication during university, or adding a writing minor at the encouragement of my writing professor.

Also regret not even trying to audition for the school symphony & scholarships, falsely believing I was not good enough. I later earned a music minor, started a piano trio, & discovered I was one of the most advanced musicians in the school.

I had such low self esteem & stopped myself from doing what I really wanted to.

really funny that the wikipedia page for Absurdism uses a painting of Sisyphus by a person named Stuck

It seems that perhaps Instagram will not validate a new account from a @Tutanota email account.

Just tried setting up one & it kept saying the verification code was invalid. Eventually it crapped out with "not able to do it now try later!"

Could it be? Privacy usurpers blocking even creating new accounts with secure emails? Wouldn't be a shocker...:angery:

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