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What if you wanted to use technology to automate labor and increase productivity, but someone said "nooooo you need to manually manage memory or your code will be too slow"

buying an expensive CPU to offset the minimal power savings done by computing minimalists

"As I often say, in software development, most people don't have 10 years of experience. They have 1 year of experience 10 times." β€” Robert Strandh

There's this weird thing I'm trying to work out for an article. Bookchin invokes a concept of "futurism" where the present situation is extrapolated and made "bigger", with complete disregard to how that would work. It is assumed people suffer accordingly.
There's this sort of reverse futurism, I think, where the present situation is made "smaller", but the present does not allow for much to be done with small things. People, again, suffer accordingly, as they don't achieve "more with less."

There's one virtual machine for which programs written using it are basically as unsafe as C, and no one seems to care. Or at least, I read someone wants to do mesh networks with it.

They're called CVEs and not e.g. LispVEs for a reason...

What if we had both disassociated for years and kissed 😳😳😳 haha unless

I wrote in Newspeak on the StackOverflow developer survey; since no one would write that in (and if they did, probably cause they like it), it should be the most loved language this year.

If your gf is a Rustacean, you're single to me
What's she gonna do? gonna UB on multiple mutable references?

Hi guys my name is joe biden i am 16 years old and im ancom satanist nice to meet you i love politics and yuri hentai

I'm not done with my next article, but it's still 1,200 words longer than The Poverty of Post-Open Source, which seemed very long already. Oh no

beyond a joke level take 

"Expressivity is by definition the ability to write large programs more easily"

No it isn't, it's avoiding unnecessary noise that is irrelevant to actually solving the problem, e.g. using macros or higher-order functions to remove repeated structure, leaving the reader to focus on what is different. But it does explain why no one wants to be able to do anything.

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so anyways, i accidentally touch both contacts

imagine my shock

McCLIM frankly is peak design aesthetique and should never change

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The other issue is that a language implementation is often smaller than all the code that will run on this implementation, so using C "indirectly" does actually reduce the surface area for things going wrong.

This should not be news to people, but this is minimalist compooting fedi so what do I expect?

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beyond a joke level take 

First, this statement is ill-typed - languages don't depend on other languages, but language _implementations_ might. (Your loss if you haven't used a language where you can appreciate the difference.)
Of course, self-hosting the compiler is also an Unforgiveable Sin to this person, so one cannot win. Just say you like C, dude. And then I can take the piss out of that directly, rather than indirectly.

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