#gemini poll!

What's your relationship to the Gemini protocol?

@nodefunallowed i don't know, i find the idea great, because people that have their data volume drained exist

@koyuchan inexpressive media requires more data, not less, from an algorithmic point of view

@nodefunallowed yes, but aren't there ways to read gemtext with a screenreader that don't suck? i mean when people not format their stuff properly it is the same problem as we have on the web

@koyuchan at loss of a better word, anyone is going to have a bad time without more "structure" to jump around with, though screen reader users would have it worse as they have less bandwidth to work with

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@nodefunallowed i mean that's the thing the semantic web kinda solves, if you want to show something graphically and the user is a screenreader user an image description would be very helpful

@nodefunallowed the semantic web actually encourages to have everything in a more graphical sense while keeping everything optimised for everyone as long as the web developer put enough effort making their site accessible

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