@jaidedmasto I heard there's another Doge coin that's cool which isn't olde Dogecoin and now I feel old. ):

Personally I think we should be more hostile to computer systems that are plain rubbish, and cannot be made any better without starting over. And when aesthetic decisions involve scrapping safety, or doing things counter to their claims, I fail to give a shit about the "aesthetics" of it, because those systems put users at unnecessary risk and mislead people. But I understand having opinions isn't a cool thing to do.

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I had read some Willy Gilly to pass time and Willy makes a relatable statement on the Left:
"so long as there's the dominant hegemonic institutional enemy (at least in one's local context) all other ideologies on the periphery are valid coalition partners"
We got in a lot of trouble for saying that something was just bad, but the people doing it were "trying things" and weren't obviously the baddies, so it should be condoned. That statement explains many situations I've had, really.

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one-more-re-nightmare turned two years old near the start of the month and I forgot ):
Around this time in 2020, I got bored during holidays and decided to practise between university courses on automata. After transferring to another university and not succeeding in getting credit for the course, I start a similar course next month; I wonder how I'll go.

@nyx there are like 3 of us the average has to be based

average minimalist compooting fan vs average maximalist computing enjoyer

"Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting." – Brian Eno

A similar "dichotomy" exists between, say, systems optimising for simple "small" implementations, and the latter optimising for simple(r than they could be) "large" implementations. People think that implementations are either "small" or "large", seemingly, but we approached something in the middle with the proposed instruction-at-a-time dynamic translator. A macro assembler suffices to implement translation, and that's certainly not a very complex compiler.

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One random and somewhat relevant thought is that, if we're going to demarcate "serious"/"useful" and "fun"/"playful" projects, we're kinda fucked; because the "productive" (at loss of a better word) things are not intended to be fun, and the fun things are not intended to be "productive".
I do most of what I do because it's fun (notable exceptions include register allocation), and because it's something I want.

Must be time to pull out ye olde

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I spent years designing a simple language and platform for replicated and modular programs. Then I wrote a bunch of other crap by myself. I don't believe in a "human scale" of anything, but it's beyond me why those wouldn't count; yet someone claimed I hadn't ever designed any software fitting that scale. At least, I don't think I could not write "human scale" software with what I have (and have not). Boggle.

@cyberspook It would appear so. Though is a collaboration between myself and the great and powerful Gnuxie Lulamoon.

@nyx Electron 2: you use Closure-browser as web renderer so it's just a normie friendly McCLIM package

@cyberspook @Sagredo @iska @nyx There's ye olde and but those are more about people who ditch the "open source" part for their own spooky shit. As you touch on, the morals of some people would end up encouraging the sort of dependence on other programmers, and of a division of labour, that free software could avoid.

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