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beyond a joke level take 

"All compilers tend to generate assembly, so I cut out the middle men and program directly in assembly"
"All processors tend to use transistors, so I cut out the middle men and make my own transistors from silicon doping"

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beyond a joke level take 

"All languages tend to directly or indirectly depend on C, so I try to cut out the middle men and program directly in C"

Uuuuuh, hi fediverse? Soru is not really sure how to do this / how to get started...

"Unix is a rotting corpse, but Plan 9 is totally different I swear"

me when "whatever [I'm] doing mentally is aging me faster than cigarettes ever will"

The Mastodon reply number uses abstract interpretation, with a crap lattice.

A(0) = "0"
A(1) = "1"
A(n) = "1+"

There can be no queer unity. Too many losers willing to ditch whatever community in favor of shitting on trans femmes they don't like. We need to fend for ourselves and stop relying on other queers for support. They will always fail us.

If capitalism is mindless growth, this is mindless degrowth? I dunno. Is there another name for it?

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There's this weird thing I'm trying to work out for an article. Bookchin invokes a concept of "futurism" where the present situation is extrapolated and made "bigger", with complete disregard to how that would work. It is assumed people suffer accordingly.
There's this sort of reverse futurism, I think, where the present situation is made "smaller", but the present does not allow for much to be done with small things. People, again, suffer accordingly, as they don't achieve "more with less."

"Yeah, there are better security-related reasons to abandon x86. Like pointer authentication / Clang’s support for shadow call stacks on arm."

Hear me out here - just don't use languages which need pointer authentication hardware to maintain safety?

Apparently is "The one-more-re-nightmare Reference Manual". First, no it isn't, the actual one lives on, and the only sections that aren't implementation details are 2.1, 5.1 and 6.1. Quite disappointing.

The interesting thing, I think, is that if unsafe operations are "cheaper", then there is literally a financial incentive to shoot yourself in the foot.

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I found a list of mishaps in the Ethereum VM and/or Solidity compiler, so I decided to compare to the Netfarm VM and Slacker compiler.

it has been announced that this paper had a systemic error wherein the GCs reported 60% too much memory used

Please update your thought terminating cliches

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Ah, looks like hashtags are a bit more useful here, or it's just needed because there's no central directory? Either way, I'm a #lisp #commonlisp #freebsd old and smug weenie

"I offer Mastodon server hosting"

ah yes, this is redundancy and fault isolation

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