The hotel room I'm in for the Eprix has a wonderful view of Telehouse

Why are train windows "locked" with these?

also would it be bad if I brought these and opened the windows myself?


Food, Calorie counting 

packet rice annoyingly serves 2 so the calories are high due to that

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Transphobia, rant, Motorsport 

Further of Danica Patrick and Indycar. Part of indy car is the oval circuits that famously have caused issues with F1 drivers with the massive gforces that go through the drivers in a very unusual direction.

yeah, if women have competed in indycar, they sure as hell physically can handle F1.

I also very much doubt there is much difference between men and women in F1, like with most sports, it's training

also included a screenshot of the article for context

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Somehow this case landed on a nice year

From Birdsite 

Me on this god forsaken website on this god forsaken island

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