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Great Ace Attorney 2 Case 5 spoilers 

Specificly it was asking me to remember that Kazuma said like in the trial 1 that he left the boat and stayed in the boarding house meaning that he wasnt on the boat that had already left

Im not sure how people remember that to choose Impossible with confidence

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Great Ace Attorney:

Please remember the text from 1hr ago

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More ace attorney games need a prelude to persuit, it's builds so much tension

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you then hit a point where the protagonist (using this because saying just one of them is unfair but if I say both it's spoilers) moves into proper accusations and it transitions into a full persuit which is just the best musical transition

this video emulates it well

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ignore that it says overture to persuit, this YouTube video was from before the game was fully localised in English by capcom

in the Soundtrack you can get from steam it's prelude to persuit. however both fit

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I'm playing Great Ace Attorney again, and I had forgotten how good prelude to persuit is, it's such a perfect build up to full persuit.

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Stop calling them "pro-life". They're not, they couldn't care less about what happens to a child after birth.

Call them for what they are: anti-choice.

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abortion, privacy 

People aren't going to get put into jail in states disallowing abortion because they used some random tracking apps we. often feed junk to obscure skipped cycles anyway.

They're going to ask for rides, or email people for help, or text, or post on Facebook or Twitter or whatever because we have had this right for decades and it's going to take ages for us to get used to not having it.

I'm already tired of seeing people pushing cloak and dagger obscure tech-gatekept privacy bullshit. I want to see a dozen basic explanations of the easiest privacy options, the simplest defaults to set, the simplest changes to make TODAY. "here's what https is, and use these add-ons to make it your default." "Here is how to make a Reddit throwaway to ask a question." The time to hunt for the perfect solution was a long time ago.

It's time to offer up spaces and communications as trusted, known quantities and invite people to use them. And just bring it up regularly. Don't make people hunt for information. 😫

subtoot, related to politics 

invent a guy: that one member of a discord with very Sus timings of when they complain about politics

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abortion—an affirmation 

Abortion access makes us safer
Abortion access makes us healthier
Abortion access gives us stability
Access to safe abortion is a right
Birthing people’s lives matter
You matter

the god damn news, I'm cursing quite a bit, uspol 

Abortion is a human right as it allows for bodily autonomy, anyone wanting to remove it is fash or fash enabling and can get fucked

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From Birdsite 

umm, what is with twitter's recommendation algorithm suggest fash stuff, this is like the first time I've seen it chain a bunch of fash related suggestions bellow a tweet link i got

Marvin Reese seems to do a lot of things for his own gain, like moving the suggested site to north bristol (although there is a train line there, but no large station)


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Advantage of living near the largest event venue in the city: I Get to hear music without paying

disadvantage of living near the largest event venue in the city(if it goes on late): I get to hear music

as a side note, I wish that Red trousers venue got built. Placing it next to temple Meads was a brilliant peace of actual transit ordinated city planning.


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