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Governo honesto:

- 39 kg de cocaína em avião da FAB;

- Interferência na PF em investigações sobre a rachadinha;

- Quadrilha no Ministério da Saúde tentando roubar dinheiro de vacinas;

- “Tratoraço” e Orçamento Secreto;

- Ministro do Meio Ambiente acusado de corrupção…


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"It is a common sentiment on the small web that the Internet has changed, somehow. It isn't what it used to be. It's too commercial, there are too many ads, nobody is being authentic, pages take forever to load, the blogosphere is dead, there's no substance anymore just pictures and hot air, and variations on this theme."


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Today Google is turning on activity tracking for many users that previously turned it off. What is more, Google Workspace admins can no longer deactivate activity tracking for their users, Google says this is helping people. Do you agree?

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We've joined a coalition of companies and organizations, including
DuckDuckGo, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), The Tor Project, and Consumer Reports, for #AntitrustDay on April 4. Check out the campaign page and reclaim your right to choice online! 👇💪

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How to explain to my friends about the reasons to #deleteWhatsApp?

I am hoping that someone can help me.

#askfedi #askfediverse #askmastodon

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TechCrunch: "...We’ve recently seen #Facebook/ #Meta using a similarly #manipulative persistent notification tactic when trying to push a policy update on #WhatsApp users in the face of a major T&Cs backlash — which has led to an (ongoing) consumer protection probe in the #EU. But the company has a long, ignoble history of this sort of stuff. So none of this is surprising. But ofc that doesn’t make it okay..."



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Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here:

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What emboldened ?

(1) Failure of West to support Arab Spring
(2) Failure of US military 'War on Terror'
(3) Failure to stop Russian military taking unlawful control of contested territories in Black Sea region
(4) Failure to defend British democracy, and EU integrity, and reject Brexit as result of Russian (and other outside) interference
(5) Failure to control 'Londongrad' corruption
(6) Failure to impeach Donald Trump over Ukraine 'arms for dirt on political rivals' deal

and more...

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Murena T2e is back!
Now on pre-order in the USA, Canada and Europe! Starts shipping from March 15th. Pre-order your Murena T2e on

@gael #murena
#eOS #T2e #Smartphones #opensource

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Call me an optimist, but this should make it very obvious to people that using centralized platforms, operated by big commercial enterprises is a Bad Idea :tm:

Leave #Twitter, #Facebook and #WhatsApp, join #Matrix and the #Fediverse! Let authorities try to shut down a federated system. Let them guess who is who if accounts aren't verified.

VICE News wrote the following post Fri, 04 Mar 2022 17:17:03 +0100 Russia Can Now Jail People for 15 Years for Tweeting About the War on Ukraine #Vice #RSS #News #Bot #ukraineinvasion #DisinfoDispatch #globalconflict #VladimirPutin #fakenews #Ukraine #prison #russia #duma
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I’ve been waiting 15 years for #Facebook to die. I’m more hopeful than ever | Cory Doctorow | The Guardian

Facebook is struggling to retain users, fending off regulation, trying to pivot to VR, and paying a massive wage premium to attract the workers it needs to make any of this happen. The company is on the ropes

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Zuck(ing) and Facebook(ing) should be verbs and nouns to indicate a whole bunch of evil stuff that is done to people on this planet.

"The man was convicted to 20 years in prison for extensive facebooking operations"

"The woman was facebooked in horrible ways. Now in safe hands and able to recuperatte she tells her harrowing story"

"How dare you facebook me?"

"He behaved like a real zuck"

"OMG that zucks. You got facebooked, man! Do something about it."

"Facebook on, zucker!"

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FACEBOOK AGAIN and this time not collecting personal data to jeopardize democracies worldwide, it's something else.

“Despite their importance to #Facebook, the workers in this Nairobi office are among the lowest-paid workers for the platform anywhere in the world, with some of them taking home as little as $1.50 per hour, a TIME investigation found. The testimonies of Sama employees reveal a workplace culture characterized by mental trauma, intimidation, and alleged suppression of the right to unionize. The revelations raise serious questions about whether Facebook—which periodically sends its own employees to Nairobi to monitor Sama’s operations—is exploiting the very people upon whom it is depending to ensure its platform is safe in Ethiopia and across the continent. And just as Facebook needs them most, TIME can reveal that content moderators at Sama are leaving the company in droves.........

Inside Facebook's #African Sweatshop | Time

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Migrant cleaners at London Bridge Hospital whistleblow on Covid safety violations and launch campaign against HCA Healthcare
Outsourced migrant workers from the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) who clean at London Bridge Hospital launched a campai
#COVID-19 #IWGB #Outsourcedworkers #TradeUnions #workersrights

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Meta aka Fuckbook has threatened to fuck off if EU insists they learn to behave like they give a shit for human rights. But that is great, Meta! That is exactly what we want you to do!

holding a gun to its head and going 'I mean it, I'll pull the trigger...' and we are all going 'WTAF!? But you mean dreams do come true...?!?'

Do it Meta, do it! Because we can live without you but you are literally nothing without us.

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Will party oust Johnson like they did ? It is not the same party it was in 1990s so it is less able to correct itself and lose debased leaders. It will stay until thrown out by voters. But will alternative elected by voters make any real difference? A government under just looks good because it is not Johnson. It has nothing to offer, not even the briefly hyped only to be forgotten due to mess.

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