My partner did this for me. They are incredible and I love them so much.

'misogyny exempt' is a fucked up phrase to me because it seems to entail a very essentialist view of what oppression is and where it comes from. trans men can and do regularly face misogyny despite not being women for an easy example, and gnc cishet men can face harassment rooted in misogyny and homophobia despite being neither women nor gay

@wigglytuffitout I THINK it means they don't suffer from misogyny, but that's not accurate

Everyone does, just not all as directly and horridly as women and femme ppl

my parents when i was age 7: you should keep all your notebook drawings so you can look back on them as an adult

me at age 10: why would i want to keep a bunch of shitty, embarrassing drawings of weird shit like naked cyclops women or a comic where 4 people get in a car crash and then get out and have some kind of proto-sex kiss orgy, like wtf i can't keep stuff like that just lying around!! *throws away everything*

me as an adult: why did i throw away all my hilariously fucked up kid drawings

@zorotl it tells people, yes, I am Naruto/Joe Rogan/Yugioh/The Joker, but I'm friendly, I'm welcoming, I'm the sort of poster you can boost without fearing that I'm going to start talking about like toes or whatever


For those of you who enjoy hate- watching right wing evangelical christian movies (I know many people do not), I have two lesser known recommendations, if you liked hate-watching movies like "god's not dead" you might enjoy...

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Christian Movies to Hate-Watch: Chrisitian Mingle, The Movie 

yes, this is a feature length advertisement for the dating service, but also a movie that is hilarious to watch

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Yknow what, I'd missed this reply. And I will waste the oxygen about it!

Dear runner of the deeply unfortunate account that is @omgblog :

This is the shit I mean lol.

Mastodon is a social media platform that people use differently. This is why you are not getting any traction.

You're treating a place of personal connections and friend groups as...

Eugh. "Content generation".

That reblog you just did? That's someone making a joke among friends. Mika makes funny jokes. And Mika's friends make jokes too. You know. Like people do. Like you probably do when you're, say, over at a friend's house for dinner and you're talking and joking around the table.

And so imagine youre doing that, then someone shoves a microphone in your face and you hear yourself in the next Taco Bell commercial. Because your joke SHOWS THAT HASHTAG LIVE MAS HASHTAG CONTENT, NOW BUY OUR NEW BURRITO PLEASE

That would be pretty uncool, right?

It would be uncool if someone decided that your jokes with your friends needed to be used to promote their corporate product.

If you don't want to hear my straight opinions, here is an idea. You can look at the replies. Because I'm the token straight cis person here. Nobody else in those replies is. And they found you ghoulish, disgusting, and as painfully out of touch as Great Grandpappy on his Facebook account when he doesnt know the difference between Facebook and Google so he just posted EASY INSTANT POT RECIPE about 12 times in a row.

Or they can do some of that now!

This social network is not populated by people who want to hashtag generate hashtag content for you. This social network is not full of people who want to buy things because the corporate mascot wrote a sassy tweet once.

This social network is not full of queer people who define queer culture as "untagged nsfw memes and reporting on celebrities, but we put it in pink because Brenda from accounting says that's all you need to do to get them gays to give you money".

You're failing in your goal here because you're too lazy to notice that mastodon isn't instagram, and hoping to coast on stolen hashtag content like camouflage.

You couldn't even notice about how a majority of your audience calls themselves on their profiles either anarchist or communist or both!! And you're trying to be a brand account! And wondering why it's not working!

(But I'm not sure you know what profiles are, given that you're misgendering me by calling me a guy. That's excellent hashtag queer hashtag culture of the type you get at the ol' OmgBlog.)

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