something "not being a sex thing" never makes it less weird, it just sometimes makes it less comprehensible

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It's going to be enough forever

Until I have to call the company about battery replacement

And then I'll have a larger setup I made myself

when people make a big deal out of catching me when i’m zoning out i’m just going to say “sorry. i was controlling the birds”

me: i wanna be a girl
society: no
me: i wanna crush capitalism
society: hey look that olympic ski jumper just came out of the closet

My cat desperately needed attention while I was folding laundry. All my socks are now soaked.

Tired: Knocking over a water glass

Wired: Knocking over a water glass onto a pile of clean laundry

never been an art fan in my life. this twink yoda is making me emotional

People who can fold laundry with their hands in the air amaze me. I need a massive flat surface to do it even half decently.


Chomping my lexapro so I know it’s really working. mmmm

"We estimated excess mortality among Californians 18–65 years of age by occupational sector and occupation, with additional stratification of the sector analysis by race/ethnicity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, working age adults experienced a 22%increase in mortality compared to historical periods. Relative excess mortality was highest in food/agriculture workers (39% increase), transportation/logistics workers (28% increase), facilities (27%) and manufacturing workers (23% increase). Latino Californians experienced a 36% increase in mortality, with a59% increase among Latino food/agriculture workers. Black Californians experienced a 28% increase in mortality, with a 36% increase for Black retail workers. Asian Californians experienced an 18% increase, with a 40% increase among Asian healthcare workers. Excess mortality among White working-age Californians increased by 6%, with a 16% increase among White food/agriculture workers."

any amateur astronomers #onhere? would like a list of resources yall use to do your thing, especially how to locate certain celestial objects n shit

"D&D is all about power fantasies" I whisper as I write 'perfect juggler' under proficiencies

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