a coworker told me yesterday that one of his favorite podcasts has a specific feed for paid subscribers that adds the advertisement reads BACK into each episode, because people love them so much.

and i said that i rarely ever use this term, and even now i use it with great circumspection, but that's the most unbelievably cucked thing i've heard all year.


yeah, Hollywood Handbook.

he says the ad reads are VERY funny. and I guess i'm inclined to believe him -- but also i would probably be happier having those extra four or five minutes in my day.

@cicatriz_jdr I knew it! It’s the only one I’ve heard people say this about. I personally can’t stand the ad reads but they’re not four or five minutes, they’re regularly way longer!


@cicatriz_jdr I actually do like the show but putting the ads on a pedestal is funny to me.

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