food, sad 

Throwback to when I dropped this pizza while taking it out the oven. It landed vertically between the door and the rest of the oven in that little gap. All the cheese and toppings slid off. What a day.

Now what’s more important, my bladder health or the continuing cuteness of this lil one on the couch?

Pretty rainbow from yesterday. It stuck around for around a half hour. A lot longer than I usually see them.

Testing my projector. Looks like there’s still some shaking. This is a clip from an animated Maurice Sendak short. “Eating chicken soup with rice”

Some stills from the camera test. These are just quick shots of the projection, no scan or anything.

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Slight strobe in video 

Not sure if uploading videos to masto really works that well but here is a sample if anyone wants to see.

The main issue is the strobe effect. Not the flicker from the projection and recording but the almost once per second flash that happens. I’m assuming this is from the film jumping around in the gate and or my loop not being big enough?

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Pretty pumped about this blueberry. It’s been ramifying nicely the last couple years. the bark has an amazing texture. This might be the year it goes in a finished pot!

Just saw this! Not trying to dox any of you, but what self-respecting eBoy is out driving around on a friday night?

The trees are all tucked into the snow. Fingers crossed they all make it through this winter!

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