NOW is the time to invest in clean energies. When all this is over, for the sake of ourselves and our children, we must not go back to our bad old fossil-fuelled ways. Governments can use the current situation to step up their climate ambitions and launch sustainable stimulus packages focused on clean energy technologies. We need to seize the opportunity to help accelerate them. So says the International Energy Agency (not an uncooperative crusty like yours truly):

runners: keep your distance, don't pass others too close, don't spit, and now's not the time to run in groups...

Privacy International, which I'm a proud trustee of, is looking for a Digital Fundraising Officer. If that sounds like your next job, please apply!

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It might seem weird but we're actually recruiting right now!

You've got until 31st March to apply to be our new Digital Fundraising Officer

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🎁 @Dropbox has failed to respond to our letter on #CloudExtraction - which allows warrantless, broad access to cloud stored data. This is a vital issue for security of Dropbox's customer data. Help us ask them to respond now and retweet. 🔁

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Hope everyone in this wonderful community is following the guidance: stay at home, don't go out unless you have to (which in the UK includes your daily exercise) and observe social distancing...

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