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self-promo, pls boost 

new vid out, this one's about dirt rally

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an instance where registrations are open for the first 24 hours and then immediately close.

every day, the person with the lowest amount of likes gets their account shut down (or their posting privileges revoked)

the winner gets to keep their fedigames account

I know there are a lot of developers here: how do you create/build/setup your local environment(if it apply) for each project?

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Eating tangerine, only one slice had seeds... any time soon will be impossible to grow your own food

I got a wader as present. I'll wear the plastic that my child will eat in 50 years...

Preparing jabalí (wild pig?) For tomorrow's asado (bbq?)

I don't know if today technology will last 10 years. I gained some years with my actual laptop thanks to a SSD.

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I'm looking for my next "10 years" laptop. System76 has nice options.

Once again, I'll be fishing. But with a shorter day, and less rest hours.

Todays walk was with the low tide. I'm not used to have the sunset so early.

I want to have a celebration day with my new family. And I decided to make it on every winter/summer solstice. Now we need to create some kind of ritual

In love with xfce 

Installed manjaro in my partner computer. An old and light laptop with 4gb of ram. I was looking for a distro with xfce. It is simple, easy to customize, and consumes only 500mb of ram. Now i want it on my computer.

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