Some meat for dinner: "vacio", "salchicha parrillera" and "morcillas".

Really happy to see this little thing growing in my tree.

I wrote a script to generate a random arrangement of colored tiles for my kitchen. we bought 9 different colors and we want to mix them without a pattern . Each execution give us a different mix

The next project is to fix the washing machine. I already bought the replacement i need to complete the job. I love to give more work life to old stuff !

Update: I finished the work!! Fixed the oven door hinges. Replaced the thermal insulation. Cleaned the burners. It is ready for another 5 years.

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Sometimes I forgot my wish list. So here is a reminder to myself (without order):
- own a small bar
- own an avocado farm
- go to those little bar from japan
- watch a football match in england
- go to a bar/pub in the uk
- visit each region of my country

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I know there are a lot of developers here: how do you create/build/setup your local environment(if it apply) for each project?

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