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It is clear that anyone with a minimal brain and logical reasoning ability has already noticed, more than a year ago, the media terror that this hellish FRAUDemic has become.

European governments feared that the population would not obey orders of social isolation, so they intentionally started a campaign to exaggerate the effects of the disease and frighten people. What is frightening about this experiment was its success.

Elon Musk is just like the others billionaires in the world: hypocrite and a piece of shit!

Well, lets hope that they don't get any complications... but this is so stupid, and there's no use warning them, they are severely brain-washed

the thing is I am tired of instagram, everything that comes from FAANG I hate but I cant get rid of them, ugh

someone should create a social network just like instagram asap but without the endless ads and more free speech friendly, just like mastodon but for photos and stuff... hello, developers what are you waiting for?

Bill Gates is asking for space and privacy during his divorce after spending decades working to make sure that you have neither.


Die in a fire, Bill, sick fuck.


eu não aguento mais esse cara tão burro que não sabe o básico de economia se achar o especialista em qualquer assunto que seja, o cara que segue nath finanças kkkkk meu deus, sem condições... além de ser um pandeminion totalmente alienado e escravo estatal

não dá, esquerdista tem que se foder mesmo

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