Are you or someone you know good at coding and like Julia or AI? Make sure to check out

Unveiling our new website at
Come visit (best on desktop) to learn more about our goal, and check out the first few open positions!
All design work has been done by Aubo Lessi, a member of the PlantingSpace team.

Keen to write some Julia (including open-source) or develop optimization algorithms to shape the future of AI? Join us! We are currently looking for part-time Julia coders and optimization research interns:

If you are interested in contributing to PlantingSpace projects, check out our bounties board: We aim to post more there in the coming months (click the bell icon to add issue notifications).

If you want discover what is currently the best language of formal abstraction, check out this great intro to Applied Category Theory by David Spivak:

Looks like Google is determined to make maintaining open source extensions for Chrome/Chromium an utterly demoralizing experience.

Updates to extensions that have been published for years being rejected for critical bugfixes with robo-rejection emails, no way to reach a human. One forum, not really advertised anywhere, is getting flooded with developer requests:

Summarised some results from a notebook that I use to play with the Covid19 data. It includes a simple prediction model for number of cases:

Most countries are still moving along the same exponential with coronavirus.

How do we learn about products and businesses or governments about us? How can we improve it?

4 reasons for leaving proprietary review platforms behind, and 1 tool to make it happen. Check out our release blog post for the Mangrove beta web app:

Just released the first building blocks to make integration with Mangrove easy: 1) JS client library & 2) API documentation These two allow you to generate, submit, and retrieve reviews from the open dataset.

We just released the Mangrove demo web app 🚀

You can read and write reviews and upload pictures for restaurants, hotels, touristic sites and other places on the map, as well as for companies, websites and books.

Join the ecosystem for and integrate Mangrove into your application or website.

Canonical serialization is pretty important for cryptographic message signing. Canonical CBOR is closest to a standard, but its in a pretty bad shape:
- FIDO2 aims to use their own version and not the one defined in the RFC:
- A bunch of libraries use different ordering: JS `cbor`/`borc` and Rust `serde_cbor` with only the last one making any claims related to canonicality.

PlantingSpace is now up and running! All our initial projects are published on our website, and the company is set up. Visit us at

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