every time someone talks about Homestuck Jane I think they're talking abt me for a second cuz they always just call her "Jane" so I see like "Jane is a huge racist" or "Jane is abusive" and i'm like WHAT DID I DO for 3 seconds before my brain remembers I don't have a monopoly on one of the most common names in the English language

no Indeed dot com I am pretty sure that a sports magazine does not have "the opportunity of a lifetime" for me.

so I have no idea if this will reach anyone but I do a weekly livestream on Twitch with some friends of mine where we goof around and talk about stuff while I play video games. We're going live for this week's show in like ~10 minutes so if you wanna come by and hang out, do feel free to do so


hey so I totally forgot to tell anyone that I did a playthrough of short ambient exploration game Forgotten Passages on my youtube channel last week, so they've just been sitting there. Here's Part 1 (of just 2)


[from Wakusei Closet / Alone on The Planet / Lonely Planet / The Planet in My Closet / there's like eight english titles for this manga and none of them are official]

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I'm not trying to be a smartass I just legit don't understand like 80% of these posts.

checking the federated TL is like looking at what William Gibson thought the internet would look like in 2020.

people R still having slapfights about anime on twitter in 2020 😐

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