checking the federated TL is like looking at what William Gibson thought the internet would look like in 2020.

@planet_Jane i legitimately dont understand any of it putting all public posts from every instance on one timeline is so weird

its like the global chat in video games but worse

@mansta I randomly clicked it earlier and there's a pair of anarchists passive-aggressively sniping each other, a bunch of quote bots, and some person ranting about detransitioners. Highkey kind of annoyed by how little I understand of what's going on but maybe I should be grateful idk lol

@mansta also something called "feliz yaoidad", which, I don't even wanna know

@planet_Jane @mansta Most of what's going on isn't related. It's just a way to see people not on your instance. If you see someone post stuff you like, follow them, and if you don't like their posts mute them.
I mute every news bot on sight because for me this place is to see and talk to people. I can get news from my RSS feeds when I'm in the mood to see it.

@TapiocaPearl well yes, functionally I know that, it's just kind of surprising to me how little of it makes any sense to me

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