Did you know we have a YouTube channel? We post video content of team members sharing their experiences working at PlantingSpace, behind-the-scenes footage from our Team Retreats - plus experimental creative material from our in-house designer.


We’ve updated the content and refreshed the design on our Landing and Join Us pages. Check it out if you’re curious about the problems we’re tackling, our approach and what it’s like to work in the PlantingSpace team.

Great ideas are percolating post-PlantingSpace Team Retreat, thanks for having us Portugal!

If you are interested in joining our team, check out some example tasks that you could encounter while working with us: planting.space/examples/

Getting close to deploying of our first internal version of the system, check out this sweet loading animation.

Join us to build our first product - Site Reliability and Frontend team members needed. Apply or send referrals here: planting.space/joinus/

We at PlantingSpace are happy to sponsor innovative Julia libraries which help our cause. Check out our current sponsorees: github.com/0x0f0f0f/Metatheory and github.com/cscherrer/MeasureTh

We are hiring researchers in Category Theory and Bayesian Inference! Reach out to join us, or recommend a friend.

Deep into category theoretic structures and interested to apply your understanding?

Working on Bayesian inference algorithms, but wish they could be part of a more solid model framework?


Are you or someone you know good at coding and like Julia or AI? Make sure to check out planting.space/joinus/

Unveiling our new website at planting.space.
Come visit (best on desktop) to learn more about our goal, and check out the first few open positions!
All design work has been done by Aubo Lessi, a member of the PlantingSpace team.

Keen to write some Julia (including open-source) or develop optimization algorithms to shape the future of AI? Join us! We are currently looking for part-time Julia coders and optimization research interns: planting.space/team.html#join-

If you are interested in contributing to PlantingSpace projects, check out our bounties board: gitlab.com/plantingspace/broad We aim to post more there in the coming months (click the bell icon to add issue notifications).

PlantingSpace is now up and running! All our initial projects are published on our website, and the company is set up. Visit us at planting.space


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