US folks! Upcoming food holidays: which are you most looking forward to?

Vicinitous (adj): In the vicinity of one another.

Ex: "I discovered he was working in the building next to me, and we had, in fact, been vicinitous the entire time."

I like Sharkle:

It's kinda like the old (awesome) Stumbleupon.

remember how controversial it was for sinead oconnor to rip a photo of the pope in half in the 90s? now i do it every morning for breakfast

How Sweet to be an Idiot

Still one of my favorite songs of all time.

"How sweet to be an Idiot,
As harmless as a cloud,
Too small to hide the sun
Almost poking fun,
At the warm but insecure untidy crowd."

Let's talk about the use of the term "subscribe" when it applies to unsolicited emails.

I understand that it's a technically correct term. The email address is subscribed (by a filthy piece of shit spammer) to their "service", but it's not remotely relevant to how people use the term "subscribe". If I didn't come to you personally and say, "Please sir, may I have some useless irrelevant garbage clog up my inbox", then I'm not a fucking subscriber.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

It would be helpful if following someone from a different instance didn't require 4 clicks + entering my ID. Surely that's a hindrance to convincing people to adopt this platform? Why can't that be streamlined?


"Myself and 39 Irish female Artists come together to perform "DREAMS" by The Cranberries"

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