It would be helpful if following someone from a different instance didn't require 4 clicks + entering my ID. Surely that's a hindrance to convincing people to adopt this platform? Why can't that be streamlined?

@ploguus Shouldn’t need all that - you should just be able to click the “Follow” button on their profile.

@ghost_bird - Agreed, but now it's: (1) open profile, (2) click "follow", (3) enter my username@domain, (4) click "proceed to follow", (5) click follow

@ploguus That’s a fallback of some kind - I’ve seen it before, but only rarely. Are you opening the profile in a new browser tab?

@ghost_bird - Yes. And I just tried *not* doing that, it's much simpler, only 2 clicks. Didn't realize it would be that different. Thank you!

@ploguus I agree I find it annoying to have to make separate account for each instance I hope the fix that

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