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i never want to read about tech again

i like to ~laugh at the microcheating thing from a distance but also 4 real most concerns about partner fidelity come off as nearly as silly to me

i mean [audible begrudging] it's fine it's valid it's not for me

they all communicate the same thing but it's like every individual word needs its own individual cultural pushback (which ends up being proportional to popularity of usage i guess) before it becomes x-slur instead of xylophone

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experimental take: all slurs against a given group are equally demeaning and "bad" unless they imply some specific thing. some are just more/less socially acceptable than others for some reason?

apogtheosis is when u become a god gamer

alc, meds 

like um benzos are also "depressants" and have the exact same primary mechanism of action as alcohol (which is why they're used to mitigate alcohol withdrawal) and they're *specifically* prescribed for anxiety. maybe i do know enough to argue. maybe i will start doing that

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im like 90% sure that this truism is just equivocating "depressant" with "depression" but i don't actually know enough to argue it

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whenever people say "(wise voice) alcoholism doesn't even make any sense because alcohol is a depressant. it doesn't work." i'm like "haha. yeah" so as not to sound Objectively Wrong by never having had a bad mood experience with alcohol in my life

*slaps roof of car* i hate this car

night crew is crucial to any understanding of crews

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counter argument, it is possible for an original concept to still exist in a meaningful way even if that concept (and/or its name) has been co-opted by a commercial entity or by people who just don't know any better

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what the games industry doesnt want you to know is that any game packaged as a game of the year edition is the same but can get you addicted to a certain kind of sadness

would love for (my) culture to evolve to a point where people can feel justified without needing to be better than other people. i have seen so much psychological damage because of this; stop instilling this attitude in young people

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"i love this [thing] you did" or even "you're so good at [skill]" are fine good things to say but praising and putting down people for traits that are mostly thought of as intrinsic really bothers me. same vibe as people congratulating themselves on like, IQ test results and then doing jack shit (esp. for other people) with their supposed abilities

same vibe as so much divisive ingroup thinking. same vibe as so much empty ingratiation

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seriously among other important reasons, every time some mother fucker tells me this i just think of all the people that are implicitly being called stupid by comparison

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doctor: congratulations. it's a

new parents: it's a what? what is it

doctor: it's just a

new parents: a

doctor: a

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shoutout to w3schools for the most absolutely fucked idea of how OOP works that i've ever seen 

class myAge:
age = 36

class myObj(myAge):
name = "John"
age = myAge

x = issubclass(myObj, myAge)

this sounds like i'm bitter about a particular thing but joke's on you i'm bitter about everything

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