Yes, you need money. But above it you need people. You need to build strong, trustworthy relationships.

Pleasure is necessary. But you have to determine to what extent. After a certain point, looking back at it, it all looks like a blur if you don't heed to your inner voice and stop chasing pleasure needlessly.

In life, it's important to develop passion, work towards a cause, and do what matters.

Calling yourself cool doesn't make a big difference; rather your effort and actions can do.

"We're all told at some point we can no longer play the children's game.

We just don't know when that's gonna be.

Some of us are told at 18, some of us are told at 40, but we're all told"

- Moneyball

Your financial resources are no match for the kind of entertainment you want. You may pay once or twice -- but that's enough to feel guilty and regret.

"I'm a fighter in the darkness, looking for glory.

You don't know me well, so fucking stay away."

- Anonymous

"Just because you live in a nice house doesn't mean nice things are going on inside" -- Johnny Lawrence, Cobra Kai

"You can't let the mistakes of your past determine your future" - Carmen, Cobra Kai

"I want to be remembered as a fighter -- not a winner, not a loser, but a fighter" - Unknown

People think writing is simple -- yes it is. But ideating what to write and making it coherent is the hard part.

What does personal development mean to you?

Can this get any better?

In a world of sell-more, grow-more, and make-more companies, Mullvad VPN makes me pinch myself and check whether this is even real! 😀

Here is an excellent piece about people who boast about reading and use book spines to make good backgrounds for Zoom calls.

तुम्हारी जिंदगी तुम्हारी होना आसान नहीं है!

I'm a happy man for a lot of reasons.

I'm a sad man for silly reasons.

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A very good friend of mine who I went to college with published a very important paper on transmasc folks' experiences with gynecologists.

‘None of my providers have the slightest clue what to do with me’: Transmasculine individuals’ experiences with gynecological healthcare providers
Lex Pulice-Farrow

Life is one long marathon; can't be idle; neither can sprint.

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