what’s a birthday? it is not a great personal accomplishment or achievement. but it is an excellent and welcome excuse to celebrate life. more importantly with those who wish the same for me. to continue together on this journey of life.

a day to embrace my existence, to remember to rejoice in who i am, what i have, and where i’m going. a day to say grace for my health and wealth. to accept the gifts i’m about to get; material, spiritual, social or otherwise from the world

when the world was smaller, a day was enough. today i need a week to revisit my ambitions, in relation with my world (family & friends) & the larger world (acquaintances & strangers). how can i make the most of this reflective opportunity?

why do we pretend to not desire gifts when we secretly crib when gifted what we don’t want? instead i engage my gifters in a collaborative shopping/creating experience & we design/decide exactly what i’m going to get for my birthday 🎁


i’m the most important person in the universe to me. for all the self-effacing behaviour we portray, we are deeply narcissistic inside. this isn’t something to abhor but to accept as a truth. accept the love from self & others without shame

celebrate 🎉 invite all & sundry. spread the joy. feed as many as you can. ask for appreciation & affection. you deserve the world, the world deserves you. took you 9 months to get out, you could surely celebrate more than just a day?

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